Renting Versus Buying: Questions You Need to Ask About Both

The world of real estate is quite vast and there are always a million sorts of options to stare at before making your mind about a particular piece of property. Despite all that, the choices eventually boil down to two: rent or buy? Before such a decision is made, of course, it is important to get your ducks in a row.

In order to achieve that, there are several questions you should be asking regarding both. Actually, there are certain questions which you can ask that suit both. Let’s get down to the heart of it with today’s discussion:

What Is Your Budget?


Budget is an ever present factor for all sort of financial decisions. If you have a limited budget, buying a house isn’t exactly an ideal situation for you—especially if you are thinking of getting a loan. You mustn’t take in a loan that’s going to cripple you down the line.

If you budget is sufficient to pay a steady stream of mortgage, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be looking into getting a house permanently. Your budget may always change from one year to the next so it is always best to have financial literacy and make proper plans to be able to secure better choices for yourself.

What Are Your Plans for the Next Five Years?


When it comes to making plans about your housing situation, it is best to look at it in terms of five years. Do you see yourself still in the general area in the next five years? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider what’s cheaper for you in the long haul: buying a house or simply renting one.

If the answer is no, then there really isn’t any feasible reason why you should take on something as fixed as a house with payments that can literally take decades to complete. If you cannot foresee what your life is going to be like within the next five years, we suggest that you take a good long look at your present path and determine where you do want to be in the next few years.

What Is the Size of the Family?


Normally, people who focus on buying a home either already have families or are planning on starting one soon. If it’s just you, would living in a house with several rooms be something you’re comfortable with?

We’re not saying that singletons cannot purchase a house. You certainly can. You merely need to make sure that you will be able to shoulder all the payments on your own and still leave extra for your other needs. Buying a home is generally ideal for couples and families as there is usually two people who can be the source of money coming in.

What is Your Lifestyle Like?


Lifestyle should always be considered when it comes to choosing whether you are going to rent a home or buy one. If you’re the type of person that likes to move around a lot, it makes little sense to tie yourself down to a house that you need to pay for. Renting seems to be a better option—provided that your lease contract allows you to get up and leave whenever you choose to.

If you’re more of a cozy homestead kind of person, buying a home would definitely be a good option for you to pursue.

So that’s that! We hope that today’s questions help guide you toward your final decision on whether or not you’re going to rent a home or buy one. If you are considering either, don’t forget that Arcandor is always ready to help you with any sort of real estate conundrums or goals that you are trying to obtain. Are you presently renting or buying a home? What questions did you ask yourself before settling down to your final decision?


Legalities in Real Estate: What a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You With

The topic of real estate is often mired in a lot of other fields. Real estate touches upon architecture, maintenance, landscaping, and even law. Today, we wanted to talk about the legalities and what a real estate lawyer can really help you with.

Here are a few of such things they can help you with:

Real Estate Disputes

Whenever something as valuable as real estate is on the line, people tend to be quite vicious. Real Estate disputes can go on for years and eventually land itself in court. When in court, having a savvy real estate lawyer on your side can mean all the difference between the result you want and being screwed over by someone else’s maneuvering.

There are a lot of real estate disputes that you can catch yourself in. Disputes like:

  • Missing deeds
  • Encroachment/Easement Issues
  • Seller Misrepresentation
  • Contract Violations
  • Zoning Issues
  • And many more…

It is important to have a lawyer in your corner that can help protect your interests and the interests of those who stand to inherit your property in the future.

Drafting Paperwork

Real estate often requires a lot of legal paperwork. There will be deeds, transfers, wills, tax forms, and so many other things. If you do not quite know how to handle this, your real estate lawyer can help walk you through it. They can reasonably provide you with a clear understanding of the importance of each and what they are for.

If you decide to do any sort of alterations to the property, that may have repercussions for the paperwork as well. This is something that real estate lawyers are fully equipped to handle. They can let you know what suitable adjustments need to be

Legal Guidance

If you are ever considering purchasing or selling any form of real estate, it would be good to enter the talk with both eyes wide open. It is important to be aware of any legal liabilities that you might be accruing through the purchase or the sale that you’re getting into.

A real estate lawyer can offer you legal guidance over certain aspects of your load. Whenever you’re in unfamiliar waters, it always pays to have someone experienced to help guide the way towards smooth sailing. We’ve talked about disputes that can comes part and parcel of real estate. A real estate lawyer can help shield and guide you through issues so you can address them or avoid them altogether.

Arcandor has several real estate lawyers as part of our family and they have been quite instrumental to the satisfaction and safety of many of our clients. We firmly want to emphasize the importance and the gravity of the legal situations that a real estate lawyer will be able to bail you out of or spare you from. Have you ever encountered any real estate disputes? What sort of help or grief did you get from a real estate lawyer?


Not Just the Property: 4 Things You Should Look At Closely Before You Buy

The topic of real estate is always something that we like to discuss. This is not only because of the fact that it is our bread and butter, but it is also because there is truly so much to discuss about it. Real estate is a truly fascinating topic and today, we’ve got something new for you.

Last time, we discussed who you should have you when you’re looking over pieces of real estate. Today, we wanted to discuss what else you should be looking at before you decide to buy. We believe that this is quite important so we hope that you’ll read on carefully. Here’s what you should look closely at before you choose to buy a piece of property.



The accessibility of real estate will always be a factor toward its price. If it is quite a bit out of the way, you can always expect it to be a bit cheaper than most. Although, this greatly depends on where it is planted—if it happens to be one of the more “exclusive” out of the way places, you can expect prices to be higher.

The accessibility of a place will also affect how much you will have to spend to go to and fro from your chosen property. This needs to be calculated for the long run. If something is going to cost you more simply to go to the grocery every week, is it really worth it?



You must look to the general terrain of the area. Is it the rockier part of the world? Are you looking toward the flatlands? The topography of the area helps to determine the availability of certain materials or resources like fresh water or certain vegetation.

The topography will also determine what sort of material the property’s building should be made of. If the property you are looking at isn’t made to withstand the elements around it, is it really worth buying?

Immediate Surroundings


When you fixate on a house, it can be quite easy to not pay attention to what’s around it. The immediate surroundings of a home or a building are crucial for maintenance and upkeep. Are there a lot of trees that can pose as a danger during rainy or snowy season? What are the neighbors like?

Always remember that neighbors and neighborhoods can greatly determine the value of a property. If the neighbors are quite unruly, you can expect the property value to be low and to even go down lower with time.

Development Plans

house plan

Beyond looking around the immediate area, you must look towards the future. Now we’re not saying you should be psychics or any such nonsense. What we are referring to are any future developmental plans around the property that you’re looking at.

If there are great plans that are to be realized within the next five years, now would be a good time to buy.

And there you have it! We hope that the information that we’ve provided comes in handy when you’re looking over pieces of property in the future. Share your ideas with us. What else do you look at when you consider buying property?


Who Should You Have in Your Corner When Viewing Real Estate?

The time to look at real estate properties can be a really exciting time. Before you let all the excitement get to you, it would be really important to have the right people with you. At such a crucial time in your life, it is quite important to be aware of who can give you the best sort of advice when it comes to property that you are looking at or considering buying.

Let’s take a look at who they are:

Your Spouse


If you are buying property to be your future home with a spouse, it is ideal that they are with you during the house hunt. This way it would be easy to critique the suitability of the property for both your tastes. A future home, after all, should carry a good blend of both your preferences—not just one.

It is usually best to avoid seeing a future home with a family member like a parent or even an in-law. It is often best to choose a home without the—let’s be frank about this—judgment and meddling that family is famous for doing.

A Trusted Engineer


If you are looking at any home—whether it is brand new or not—it is very important that you have an engineer look it over. They have the expertise that is needed to fully determine the suitability of a place, its strengths, and its weaknesses.

They will be able to give you a frank appraisal of the place and if you can trust them, you know that their advice is honestly worth more than gold in the long run. We have seen a lot of buyers approach us with complaints that they had simply gone by the word of the seller and ended up having to come out of pocket significantly for repairs.

Real Estate Lawyer


If you are already quite settled in a piece of property and are looking it over once again, it would be wise to bring a real estate lawyer with you to ask the seller or the broker important questions about the property.

They’ll get a better handle of any issues that the property may have and if the seller tells your lawyer anything that is untrue, that would be a pretty good insurance policy for down the road.

Your Chosen Broker


Looking over a piece of property with your chosen real estate agent is often a good idea. If you have contracted one from a real estate firm, for the time that they are assigned to you, they must do their utmost to serve you best.

If they’re taking you to see properties that have their in-house lawyers they can find out things about the property by listening to the listing. Brokers often have an ear for what is not being said and what is being covered up by polite jargon.

With that, this wraps up our discussion about the people you should have with you with looking over any sort of real estate. While we’re not implying that you should have them all with you at all times, we hope that this information finds you well and comes in handy. Have you looked over real estate before? Who did you take with you for the task?


Selling and Buying: Why Real Estate Can Be a Lucrative Trade

Making money has always been at the very forefront of a lot of people’s thoughts. One of the more lucrative ways to obtain money is through buying and selling real estate. The question that always follows is: how?

As a business that deals primarily with real estate, let us give you a pretty basic breakdown of how real estate can be a truly lucrative trade.

It Appreciates

A piece of property or even raw land that you buy appreciates over time. When an area becomes more developed over time, it follows that the resale value of the property that you own goes up. For example, if you bought land in New York around the early forties for around $1,500, you can be sure that if you tried to sell that today, it’ll be worth in the million and even possibly in the billions of dollars.

Of course, you will have to take a good hard look at the other factors which play in to the appreciation of the property. There are always a lot different factors so it’s good to identify them early on. You can always ask your broker or your real estate lawyer to help you determine which factors apply in the property you presently own or are trying to get your hands on.

Turning Property

In the recent couple of decades, you may have noticed a particular trend in residential properties. Realtors or even private citizens buy property that no one really wants because it’s dilapidated and will require a lot of money to repair. They put in the repairs the place needs and updates the look. Then, they look for buyers and sell at a price that’s several hundreds of thousands over their purchase price.

Turning property or “flipping” a property is a proven way to profit off of real estate, provided that you are smart about it. Getting a read on the buyer’s market is a great way to determine the timetable of when you should complete flipping a piece of property and when to sell it.

Naturally, there are not the only reasons why buying and selling real estate is highly profitable. These are the biggest ones that we can think of right now. Real Estate will always have profit—and even losses—attached to it. If you are interested in profiting off of real estate, we highly recommend that you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to approach this. Have you dabbled in buying and selling real estate? Why do you think that it’s a lucrative trade?


Before You Hire: Qualities You Should Search For in a Real Estate Firm

When you are often at a loss over how you’re going to go about buying or selling a particular piece of property, one way to go about it is through a real estate firm. This, however, does not mean to say that all real estate firms are the same.

So what it comes down to making a decision on who you should end up hiring, there are a few qualities that you should be looking for specifically. This is what we shall be diving into with today’s discussion. Let us begin!


In order for a real estate firm to operate, they need several types of certification. They’ll need a business permit and if they have real estate brokers, they will need to have paperwork to prove that the passed the national and the state licensure examination.

Don’t take a chance on a firm with a falsely certified broker. Not only will that cause problems for you but can call in the validity of your sale or your purchase.


It would be quite foolish to hire a real estate firm that has no experience. Even if let’s say that the firm is new, they will have people on board who at least have ten years of experience in the field. A lot of real estate firms are generational and it is those with a lot of experience that will be able to give you the help that you need.

You can even think of them as the Stronghold Family from Sky High. There is always proof of experience. You can ask them for credentials or for a list of former clients who have given their permission to be contacted.

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of qualities that you should be looking for. The ones we’ve mentioned today are only a few of them. We hope that the information that we’ve shared comes in handy down the line. Have you tried choosing a real estate firm before? What qualities did you consider before you hired one?

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